Frequently Asked Questions

What is Exodus 90?

Exodus 90 is a program designed for men that consists of daily prayer, asceticism, and fraternity for a 90 day period.  Check out for more details.

What is the format of Exodus 90?

Men form groups of 6-8 guys and each group will schedule two 30 min meetings per week in the hopes that guys will be able to attend at least one.

Men will also be paired up with another guy in the group as an accountability partner so you'll have someone to check in with daily even if you can't make a meeting.

I travel frequently for work. What is the time commitment?

Two, 30 min meetings are scheduled each week at a time and place determined by the group.

Participants are asked to set aside at least 20 min (ideally 60 min) per day for prayer.

It is logical to want to make sure one's schedule will allow for regular meeting attendance, however, the daily check in with your accountability partner allows men to stay engaged even when a meeting or two is missed.

What is the cost?

Exodus 90 currently costs $9.99/mo. If you run the math, E90 pays for itself in the beer money savings alone! However, if money is tight and you feel called to join, email us at [email protected]. We don't want money to be an obstacle to participation!

Can I do Exodus 90 except for 'X' discipline?

You can do whatever you want and probably get some benefit from it... but it won't be Exodus. The disciplines that are associated with Exodus 90 were carefully selected by those with years of experience in men's formation because they center around areas that many men find to be hurdles in their spiritual lives.  So if you find yourself really not looking forward to one of the disciplines, you might ask yourself 'why is this discipline such a hurdle'? Perhaps this is the discipline you need the most!

There are times, however, when keeping the Exodus disciplines could be detrimental to your marriage or job.  Exodus is meant to bolster and support your primary vocation, not interfere with it. During these times, it may be prudent, after consulting with your brothers and your spiritual director, to modify the Exodus 90 disciplines while still keeping the spirit of the exercise.

Can women participate?

In short, no. Many aspects of E90 could apply to both men and women but E90 was created with an intentional male spirituality to meet a perceived lack in male formation in the Church and in our culture. Also, co-ed groups would change the dynamic and hinder the effectiveness of the small group meetings. That being said, many wives have journeyed through the 90 days with their husbands and men are strongly encouraged to discuss, discern, and decide their Exodus 90 participation with their wives prior to committing to the 90 days.

Can I do Exodus alone?

It can sometimes be difficult to find guys to do Exodus with but it is NOT recommended to go through Exodus 90 alone. The fraternal support and accountability that comes from the 90 day journey with your brothers is what will sustain you during Exodus and after.  And, we're here to help! Contact us at [email protected] and we'll connect you with a group!

What happens after the 90 days?

Day 91 (time after a group's first Exodus) is meant to be a time of continued formation and fraternity.  This can take on many forms but Exodus 90 has created 3 years worth of ongoing formative experiences for your group to journey through!

I'm interested but I'm not sure I'm ready. Can I pray about it?

By all means! Exodus 90 is not to be taken lightly! If you want us to keep you in the loop for upcoming rounds of Exodus at OLMC, email your name and email to [email protected].

How can I learn more?

Check out or email us at [email protected] and we can answer any questions or connect you with someone who can.